Successful outsourcing

Successful outsourcing

More service, more competitive and more quality

There is a lot to be gained by allowing us to take over your production. It's a question of freeing up time, saving money and easing your administrative burden. You will notice that you will be able to:

  • reduce your investment and your risks
  • become more flexible in the face of change
  • focus on your core business
  • convert fixed production costs into variable costs
  • outsource in a safe setting

You don't need to travel all the way to China

In terms of total cost of an item, the same savings can be achieved by allowing Jensen Metal to manufacture your items in Denmark or Latvia. The advantages are:

  • that you do not need to purchase an entire container - we are just as happy to supply single products as bulk quantities
  • that the quality remains at the same high level - even after the third or fourth delivery
  • that the transport time to your desired destination in Europe is a mere one to four days - as opposed to six to eight weeks from China
  • that no prepayment is required, provided that we can obtain debtor insurance
  • that it is easier to implement amendments
  • that it is easy to maintain close, regular dialogue
  • that we are never over two hours away
  • that we can communicate in Danish and our corporate language is English
Lars-Bo Christensen
"Talk to us about professional outsourcing. We have numerous years of experience in helping our customers move both their products and entire production facilities."

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