Your design department

Your design department

Get there faster • Cut costs • Increase flexibility

By letting us help you with your design or redesign, you can reduce 'time-to-market' and free up resources in your design and development departments. We can already factor in the processes and machines that will be required for the manufacture of an item during its design, enabling you to benefit from our ability to design and prepare for production in one work process.
Our technicians can do more than merely prepare for production. We can provide you with extra capacity and/or act as a sounding board for your design and development departments. 

We can offer:

  • advice on selection of materials and utilisation ratio
  • selection of construction methods/principles, joining techniques and sheet metal unfolding
  • advice on optimal production processes and available surface finishing
  • verbal sparring and exchange of ideas
  • product maturity
  • 3D modelling, resulting in fewer pilot production series/prototypes
Gunnar I. Andersen
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